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Adventure ahead!

Attention! Adventure Park will be closed on Saturdays, June 8, 15, and 22.

Until the end of the school year, we invite you from Monday to Friday between 2:00 PM and 7:00 PM.

Welcome to our Park

Welcome to Adventure Park!

An extraordinary place for extraordinary people. Created by thrill-seekers who love outdoor recreation and sports, unafraid of exciting new challenges and adventures. Especially for you, countless attractions have been prepared on the former motocross track amidst beautiful forest surroundings overlooking the Gdańsk Bay.

Adventure Park is a place where everyone will find an adventure for themselves. The vast area, professionally prepared for a variety of activities and sports, offers a wide range of attractions. The extensive offer allows for the organization of both small and large corporate events, family picnics, and individual parties.

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Recommend Attractions

Horse riding

Interacting with animals has a positive impact on the physical and mental aspects of everyone’s health. It is also a unique experience, especially when it comes to meeting such magnificent creatures as horses.

Shooting ranges

An exciting form of entertainment that allows participants to improve their aiming, concentration, and precision skills. We have two separate shooting ranges – archery and pneumatic.


A skillful and logical game with elements of strategy, all set in a post-apocalyptic scenery! Perfect entertainment for those who enjoy outdoor activities with a hint of competition.

Rope parks

High ropes courses, custom obstacles, and professional climbing equipment are the way to a fantastic airborne adventure for everyone! Choose the route that suits you and let’s get started!

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Group activities and events

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Birthday parties for the youngest

Every child’s birthday is a huge event, so we strive to make them memorable. Under the care of our experienced animators, young adventurers will immerse themselves in a world of fantasy, develop their passions, discover new interests, and possibilities. For this special occasion, we have prepared special birthday scenarios tailored to the age of the birthday child and their guests.

Extracurricular activities for classes

Outdoor recreation combined with integration and building lasting relationships? It’s possible! Outdoor activities focused on fun, combined with psychological activities, provide an opportunity to shape the team, improve relationships between participants, demonstrate the usefulness of all individuals in the group, and the power of teamwork. Such training teaches the achievement of success together and unleashes incredible positive team energy.

Team building

For years, we have been providing unforgettable attractions and experiences for employees and guests of companies, whose staff numbers range from a few thousand people! Extreme experiences at height, precision exercises, forest integration, or perhaps agility training? For those craving activity and movement in the great outdoors, we have prepared a wide range of programs and attractions tailored to the fitness level and proficiency of the participants.

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