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Individual Attractions


Fun combined with team competition in the great outdoors? Paintball matches are the perfect answer!


A skills-based logical game with elements of strategy set in a post-apocalyptic scenery is the perfect entertainment for those who enjoy outdoor activities with a hint of competition. An instructor overseeing your group will conduct appropriate training on how to use the rented equipment (paintball marker, protective mask), safety rules, and navigation options across the vast field. They will also set the mood by proposing several different game scenarios.

Before starting the game, you will also receive protective coveralls to wear over your clothing, ensuring that your attire remains clean from any stains.

We offer you a variety of scenarios for the game, proper training, necessary equipment such as protective coveralls, masks, paintball markers, and ammunition. The entire experience takes place on a specially prepared, extensive terrain dotted with numerous post-apocalyptic-style obstacles. The area is secured with safety nets, allowing for observation of the gameplay from the outside.



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