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The Tricity Adventure Park

Welcome to the Adventure Park!

Adventure Park Gdynia

Adventure Park Gdynia Kolibki is an extraordinary place for extraordinary people. The idea for establishing the facility emerged in early 2005 when a group of thrill-seekers decided to create a permanent location where they could share their energy with people who love outdoor recreation and sports. The extensive area of the former motocross track, located within the buffer zone of the Tricity Landscape Park, turned out to be the perfect location for this endeavor. Thus, on August 3, 2007, the grand opening of the largest and only adventure park in the northern part of Poland took place.

Initially, the offer included a ropes course, adrenaline jumps, and paintball games. However, over time, it expanded to include an airsoft and archery range, climbing walls, motor activities, and horse riding lessons. In addition to individual attractions, numerous birthday, school, and special occasion programs were introduced. Adventure Park became a haven for those seeking respite from the city hustle, looking for new experiences and challenges, or wanting to spend an unconventional day with family and friends.

For almost two decades, we’ve been combining experiences, physical activity, and the beauty of nature, continually expanding our offer, modernizing the facility’s infrastructure, and bringing smiles and plenty of emotions to our visiting guests.

The development and collaboration with numerous entities have resulted in the creation of plenty of interesting projects and events, both social, cultural, and sporting, to which we warmly invite both the local community and guests from distant parts of the country. The proximity to nature, combined with the immediate vicinity of bike trails, public transportation, and Zwycięstwa Avenue, makes the world of adventures accessible to everyone, regardless of how they travel around the Tricity metropolitan area!

Here, everyone will find something for themselves! Don’t hesitate – choose your adventure today, and leave the rest in our hands 😊

Especially for you…

For our Guests

Picnic Shelters

A picnic shelter is an excellent solution that provides shade and comfort during outdoor gatherings, protecting against intense sunlight or unfavorable weather conditions. With its open space, comfortable benches, and tables, the shelter enables convenient dining and relaxation in a pleasant natural environment. On our premises, there are several types of picnic areas varying in construction, size, and purpose – treehouse cabins, wooden shelters, as well as teepees.


The location of our facility makes it easy to reach from all parts of the Tricity area using public transportation. However, if you prefer to come by your own vehicle, you have at your disposal a spacious parking lot located approximately 30 meters from the reception building. Using the parking lot at the park is certainly convenient, but please remember that parking is free, and we do not take responsibility for vehicles left there and their safety.


Although the Adventure Park area is extensive, the toilets are strategically located. You will find them in the reception building, where they are combined with changing rooms and equipped with a changing table for small children. Additionally, we have TOI-TOI cabins distributed in such a way that they are easily and quickly accessible from every picnic area and children’s attraction.


If you’re planning a longer stay with us during the summer season, you don’t need to pack a picnic for the whole day. During this time, we invite you to our gastronomic zone, where new flavors and delicious grilled dishes await you every day, catering to both vegetarians and meat lovers.

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