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Individual attractions

Treehouse Trail

The trail of the five treehouses, connected by moving footbridges and bridges, will introduce you to a magical world of fantasy.

Treehouse Trail

Five wooden cottages located in the treetops, connected by moving footbridges and bridges. Each of them will immerse you in a magical world of fantasy and allow you to get accustomed to the height.

Due to the installed safety nets, the attraction does not require additional training or the use of climbing equipment, allowing for freedom of movement throughout the entire structure.

The cottages differ in shape and size, and their themed interiors are inspired by well-known and beloved animated movies. This is fantastic family entertainment that both children and adults enjoy. A purchased ticket for a child also includes the possibility for a guardian to enter the cottages, allowing them to assist the child in navigating the colorful, aerial course.

There is no time limit or restriction on the number of passes, allowing energetic children to play to their heart’s content. An additional attraction is the beautiful, breathtaking view overlooking the Gdańsk Bay.

The location of the attraction in close proximity to the parking lot, reception building, and toilets ensures that the most important logistical points are still within a few meters, making them easily accessible in a short time if needed.


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